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WFCM recognized by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

On November 1st, WFCM, along with 20 other non-profit community

organizations in Fairfax County, was recognized for meeting the

unprecedented need for assistance for over two years since the

start of the pandemic "stepping up and offering expertise and

resources" as well as "using existing and enhanced structures and delivery models to ensure that residents facing economic

vulnerability were able to meet their basic needs" and collectively "distributing more than $90 million in assistance to our residents facing enormous challenges". But most importantly, the Board of Supervisors gave thanks not only for the staff of the non-profit partners but also recognized and expressed gratitude for the "tireless support of the county's nonprofit community partners and their thousands of volunteers and financial supporters...integral to the county's successful pandemic response."#Togetherwecandoit

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