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New Online Ordering Platform Launched!

In order to be more accessible for families with varying needs, we have implemented SmartChoice™, an online ordering platform as part of a pilot in partnership with Door Dash and Capital Area Food Bank. A small group of registered clients who do not have transportation and prefer delivery, can now choose the groceries they desire based on the online inventory, in Spanish or English, and these groceries will be bagged and delivered. A couple of screenshots are below to show what clients see as they are selecting food in English or Spanish with photos and nutrition information.

About SmartChoice™

SmartChoice is the innovator and undisputed online ordering inventory management commercial software solution for food pantries across the United States.  Every food pantry works to make the most of their limited resources while maximizing the amount of food delivered to their clients, the flexibility in hours and ways to deliver that food and the dignity afforded their clients by offering as much choice in food as possible at the pantry.  SmartChoice digital online ordering and inventory management software was designed with these goals in mind.  By offering families a choice of currently available food items, they are afforded the privacy of ordering from their home and the dignity of choosing food that aligns with their preferences and dietary needs.  This allows the food pantry to maximize resource distribution and streamline pantry operations.

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