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WFCM is Opening a Client Choice Food Pantry in Centreville! Now Hiring and Recruiting Volunteers!

Our team at Western Fairfax Christian Ministries has been looking closely at the needs, gaps, and opportunities in our community so that we can make a greater impact in 2023 for families in need. Accessibility is always high on the list of challenges for the clients we serve. While the majority of the clients that we serve reside in Centreville, there are many more individuals and families in zip codes 20120 and 20121 that have not been able to come to our client choice food pantry in Chantilly due to transportation limitations.

We have been working with Centreville Immigration Forum to provide food and diaper deliveries for families they work with in their labor resource center, but the quantity is far less than what we can provide in our client choice pantry. And while we offer deliveries, and have tried other similar solutions, the need is clear for a better solution.

Therefore, with full support of our board of directors, we have leased a space in Centreville Square 2, Centreville, VA 20121. The location is near the Centreville Regional Library, Centreville Immigration's Labor Resource Center, and several apartment complexes where residents qualify for our services. This pantry will offer food selection via appointments and curbside pick up using a free app through Feeding America called Order Ahead.

The WFCM Centreville Client Choice Food Pantry, like the one in Chantilly, will include refrigerators and freezers with dairy, meat, vegetables, and fruit along with essentials such as flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and pasta for clients to choose from when they come for appointments. We will be open during weekdays and evenings to accommodate our clients’ schedules and preferences.

We are currently hiring. Visit to learn more.

Join us as a supporter, volunteer, or donor as we further our work in western Fairfax to support more families in need of food with access to fresh healthy food of their choosing.

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