Bread & Water Campaign


Partner with Us to Help Our Neighbors in Need
Your Spare Change Can Make a Difference!

You can be a great source of hope for families who are facing financial hardships,
 but are working hard to make 2014 a better year.
 Your generosity provides our clients with help and the hope to persevere.

This financial campaign is vital to WFCM to help our neighbors in need achieve financial stability.  WFCM depends on financial support throughout our community from businesses, churches, and friends of WFCM.  We cannot administer our programs without funding, and greatly appreciate the gifts that you contribute to this campaign.
How the Bread and Water Campaign Works:
  • Distribute water bottles to participants and ask them to fill the bottles with change, dollars and checks (please make checks payable to WFCM).
  • Take change to a coin counting facility and obtain a check for the donation.
  • Contact WFCM to pick up donations by campaign end date.
If you are interested in participating in the 2014 Bread and Water Campaign or have general questions or comments, please contact Jennie Bush today and find more information here.

Bread and Water Campaign Flyer 2014
Bread and Water Participant Flyer 2014